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Submissions Due June 1st, 2024.

PEARC24 provides a global forum for students and professionals to discuss challenges, opportunities, and solutions for advanced research and data-intensive computing. The conference theme this year is Human Powered Computing. You are invited to join us for this exciting in-person opportunity to participate in important conversations and showcase your solutions with prospective customers, colleagues, and students.


Featuring tutorials, workshops, plenary talks, panels, and in-depth technical content, PEARC24 offers opportunities for experts in the field to enhance their skills and gain new experience in advanced research computing and also introduces users and support staff to state-of-the-art tools, technologies, and methods to enable cutting-edge computational science. The conference includes a dynamic student program with a focus on diversity and inclusion, bringing together researchers, students, and prospective users from various backgrounds to generate new ideas and come up with solutions for various advanced computing challenges.


By participating in PEARC24, your organization has an opportunity to advance exciting new collaborations and reach bright, young minds while engaging with research computing community leaders from industry, academia, government, and private organizations.


This year, PEARC24 is offering multiple levels of support for both commercial and non-profit organizations:


Job Fair OnlyBronzeSilverGoldPlatinum (Limit 4)
For-Profit Fee Schedule$1,500$7,000$12,000$18,000$30,000
Non-Profit Fee Schedule$1,000$4,500$7,500$10,500$30,000
General Conference Benefits
Complimentary Conference Registration12457
Exhibit Table During the Conference Program
Access to a Private Room for Meetings with Potential Collaborators and Customers
Access to a shared room for meetings with potential collaborators and Customers
Job Fair - includes table during Job Fair only
*All proceeds go to support the Student Program
Conference Program Benefits
Student Career Speed Networking (Wednesday)
Full-Day Technical Workshop**
Marketing & Communication Benefits
Company acknowledgement (name/logo) on the conference website
Level of Support recognition in program and conference signage
Organizational-Specific Social Media Post/Tweet During PEARC24246
Workshop advertising prior to registration opening
** Workshop topic, summary paragraph, and speaker list due by April 29, 2024 otherwise your participation level will default automatically to GOLD.  You can have two half-day or one full-day workshop on Monday, July 22, 2024  in the same room that will be used Tu-Th for your private/client meetings.  Your technical workshop will be advertised with and included with the attendee-submitted and peer reviewed technical workshops, as part of the general conference registration process that opens in early May.  To allow for time to add your information to the registration system, the topic, paragraph summary and speaker list MUST be received by  April 29, 2024.

NOTE: All exhibitor participants, whether booth staff or presenters must be registered for PEARC24. There are no exceptions.


We look forward to your participation at PEARC24!


If you have any questions about PEARC24, the fee schedule, our technical program, conference benefits, marketing and communication benefits, or anything else PEARC-related, please contact Laura Theademan and Betsy Hillery at We are happy to discuss any concerns you might have to ensure you the best possible experience as an Exhibitor at PEARC24!  Please check the website every week for updates.